Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Business cards

As a result of having some works hanging at the local coffee shop, I had some requests for prices should I want to sell any of the pieces.

I needed to share some contact information and decide on what I would want to sell and for how much. I didn't even consider the bigger pieces as my feeling is that no one would pay what they are worth in terms of time and effort. The quilts are not typically viewed as art.

Deciding that I would price a couple of the smaller pieces, I required a business card. One morning before work, I got to work. I designed a background, photographed it, slapped it onto a business card template, typed in my information and voila! A business card.

Each is different

I have priced a couple of pieces at $100 each and guess what?

No response!

At least I now have a card.

Connie :)

Monday, 26 June 2017

Done (for now) with triangles

Tula Pink's book, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, is divided into sections. There are crosses, rectangles, triangles, stripes, square and haiku.

As mentioned previously, some blocks take hardly anytime at all and others are quite complex.

I have just finished triangles and am happy to put them behind me. There is something a bit more challenging, for me anyway, about working with fabrics on the bias. The book instructions result in quite a bit of waste, so I adopted, whenever possible, a method of making two half square triangles at once.

The past weekend marked the 50 block mark so half way there. I am working hard to get way, way ahead as there is a busy summer ahead.

Stripes are up next and the first few were a breeze.

I must go back to the book to see what a haiku block looks like.

Connie :)

Friday, 23 June 2017

Thursday thrifting (on Friday)

When we decided to try our Canadian Canmore take on the Beatles' Abbey Road cover, I was assigned the George Harrison look.


All denim.

I have jeans, of course, but then, when looking for a suit for Brad, found a brand new pair of Wranglers for $7.00. They needed shortened, but would work. I already have a denim jacket, so decided that would be my outfit.

Then, on a second trip to the thrift store on a quest for white shoes, I found four denim shirts as well as a couple of dresses. Trying everything on, I found that two shirts that fit very well.

I brought them home, threw them into the wash. After a good pressing, I was ready to go.

These are the jeans and the dressier of the two shirts:

Here are the girls in the Canmore crosswalk, this time I am wearing the more worn, less dressy denim shirt:

Great finds at the thrift store!

Connie :)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Finally out of the mending basket

One of the knees in some favourite jeans gave out. They were put into the mending basket and languished there for an embarrassing amount of time.

Then, a friend asked if I could mend a pair of her favourite jeans. I agreed and managed to mend both pairs, quickly and quite painlessly.

Before I had finished; however, the same friend asked if I would mend a pair of her son's jeans. Again I agreed, this time suggesting a dollar rate for time spent mending.

Tracy's jeans had a teeny tiny hole.

One teeny tiny hole.

Her son's jeans were a slightly different story. There were a total of six holes and a couple were seriously huge. Apparently a foot went through the biggest one. (I do know that hazard, it may have happened to me in the past.)

I basted the big holes together the best I could, measured a patch and then sewed the repair onto the jeans using a free-motion darning foot.

On the final patch, somehow I managed to get a pucker so had to pick out a portion of that one and re-stipple it.

These jeans are now ready for another adventure or two. It now looks like the jeans has scars rather than lacerations!

Connie :)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

WIP Wednesday

Both the shawl and sweater are growing but nothing is yet off the needles. The shawl has been the car project as I am knitting garter stitch alternating colours. I still have a long way to go. It is going to be a huge shawl.

I really love the colours and the yarn is soft and squishy.

I have finished the bottom lace of the Tegna sweater and am now knitting every round for the time being. It is going to grow much more quickly now.

Both will benefit from blocking once they are done.

Onward to the finish line.

Connie :)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Photo shoot

A friend from Canmore sent Brad a street view photograph of a temporarily closed street in Canmore. It reminded Greg of the Beatle's Abbey Road cover and he suggested we should recreate it, except in Canmore and with two women and two men.

Great idea!

We got on the phone to decide who should wear what...Brenda volunteered for a white outfit and Greg had a blue suit. That left a black suit and a denim outfit. When Brad first showed me the photo, I was already on board and knew there was a black suit jacket at the local thrift shop. After supper we walked over and, not only did the jacket fit, but there was a pair of black pants that also fit. Brad was set.

When I mentioned the project to Jacelyn, she said she wanted to take the photos.


We had to do it sooner than later as the street would only be closed for so long and once June was over, summer would be underway and people would scatter. We decided on Saturday, June 17th then watched as the weather forecast changed daily. We needed to make a decision if we were to change the date. By Friday, the forecast for Saturday was a chance of showers and for Sunday a mix of cloud and sun. We moved it to Sunday.

Up bright and early to beat the crowds, we met downtown Canmore at 0800. Immediately, a garbage truck rolled into the background!

Jacelyn took many shots, we marched back and forth and back and forth between lights. There were over 200 photographs and we barely got one photo when we were all coordinated.

Too funny.

Brad moved our vehicle behind the garbage truck to try to camouflage it a bit.

There was much hustling back to the other side of the street...

Sometimes we tried to get the stride right even in the opposite direction.


Thanks to Jacelyn and Drew for driving all the way to Canmore to shoot a few photos!

How beautifully are these photographs framed?

Connie :)

Monday, 19 June 2017


The five gathering aprons are almost finished.

And I have to fess up that I am rubbish at production making.

When first asked if I could make five aprons, I pulled out a selection of fabrics that could be possibly be used. Then the recipients requested very plain canvas coloured aprons.

I procured some unbleached muslin, cut out the aprons and then they sat for a time, quite a long time. Saturday I started at 0700 apron making and had three completed by day's end (well, except for the button holes). The other two had the waist bands done, but the apron portion still needed to be finished.

I've had this little tool for a very long time and it makes me happy every time I am able to use it. Made in Utah, it is called a Bow Whip and is used for turning a sleeve. I am not sure you can figure it out from the photos, but basically the larger cylinder goes into the sleeve, then you can push the fabric into the cylinder with the stick and voila! the sleeve is now right side out!

I tried the gathering stitches far apart and then closer together and, in the end, I still can't decide if one is better than the other.

Topstitching all around and now all they need are their six buttonholes.

All five should be ready by next weekend.

Connie :)