Wednesday, 22 November 2017

It took a month

In October I had a weak moment and ordered a project bag from The Netherlands. I had seen amazing bags on Instagram made by Renee Luitjes of LowlandOriginals on Etsy and especially loved one particular fabric.

Bags had come and bags had been sold. Then the fabric surfaced once again.

I ordered one.

Days went by, then weeks. Finally, one month plus a day since it was ordered, I found it in my mailbox. (I was getting worried.)

It is lovely and brings back memories of a few days spent in Amsterdam, newly married.

Shopping on Etsy is all about the little details: these words on the envelope.

And the inner wrapping protecting the bag.

Pretty cute, right?

It already has a project stashing inside...
I told Brad is was the party favour I got to take home as I was the only one at his party!

I may have been a bit concerned that it had been consumed by Canada Post, never to be seen again.

Connie :)

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Embracing the snow

We are well into winter's grasp and, as is usual for this part of the world, temperatures fluctuate up and down like a yo-yo. One day concern about whether or not vehicles will start, the next watching the melt drip, drip dripping off the roof.

Out the bedroom window, there is a new neighbour standing guard as well as the numerous tracks of the local rabbit population.

On my way to the gym in the surreal street lighting. The shadows are amazing and I love the antique colour of the photos.

A rare event when the snow just softly falls without wind, I spotted these ornamental grasses near Home Hardware.

Much snow melted over the weekend with a short visit from Chinook winds.

The snowman has lost her nose.

Connie :)

Happy Birthday Brad! <3

Monday, 20 November 2017

Magic bags

We are currently working with small groups of preschool children and are always on the lookout for ways to keep them engaged and participating in activities. I thought a 'magic bag' might be a good addition to our toolbox of possibilities. 

Grabbing what was on the sewing table I made this one from dinosaur tail scraps. It is perhaps a bit deep, but did the trick.


On its debut day, we used the bag for two activities: a movement break and a pig matching activity.

There is another team of co-workers doing the same thing on an alternate day. Not wanting to share, I dug into the stash to find something to make a second magic bag. This time I was a bit more choosy about the fabric. 

The sparking stars seemed magical to me. Looking for a deep red to line it with, I spotted the purple celestial fabric and decided it fit the theme.

the choices

turning too early, I still needed to square the bottom

squaring the bottom

and done! the outside

and the inside
It will be delivered today.

Connie :)

Friday, 17 November 2017

Falling off the wagon

Jumping on the 'finish it' wagon, I resolved numerous times not to start any new projects.

Yeah, right.

Having joined Jacelyn to visit her talented Aunt Lenore while attending an amazing and huge quilt retreat in Airdrie, I met Darci of Tilted Quilt. Darci had numerous items for sale at the retreat that she was selling in between sewing on her own projects.

One of the projects was a quilt utilizing special rulers that I just happen to already own. It was a sign.

I signed up for the bi-monthly block and this week received three blocks. Behind already.

This is a move away from my typically scrappy sewing, but I really loved her fabrics.

Maybe I'll get caught up this weekend.

(Oh wait, I just volunteered for another test knit with a three week deadline.)

Connie :)

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Tracking knitting projects

Long ago, when I would give away a knitted item, the recipient would sometimes ask how to wash and care for it. I would stare blankly, unable to recall the washing instructions or the exact fibre content of the project. Digging through my mess, I would hope I might have saved the yarn label.

'Hand wash and dry flat' was the go-to response.

Time to get more organized. Grabbing an only slightly used and then discarded journal, I set up my knitting journal.

Taking the labels from the skeins or balls, I would tuck them into the journal. Then, when time permitted, I might make notes, jot down dates and, finally, the name of the person the item was given to.

At my fingertips, I had information about washing the fibre, how long it took me to complete the project, notes about changes made in construction, and any other pertinent information. Later on I began to include a bit of the yarn.

The system is only as perfect as the user, so there are some gaps and missed information; however it is an improvement over the previous approach.

Recently, I saw that someone had wrapped socks in their original label. Great idea.

All the information stays with the sock. Easy peasy.

Connie :)

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

And done!

The Tula Pink quilt top is done!

All the bits are sewn together and I fashioned a wider border out of neutral scraps. I didn't buy one bit of new fabric for this project, using smaller pieces and other scraps for the blocks. There is fabric in this quilt from our wedding which was in 1989.

The last challenge with be finding a binding that incorporates fabric already in my possession as well. When I finish a quilt, I often put left over binding into one particular box so perhaps I have enough binding already cut.

It is a pretty big quilt, even with the 0.75" sashing. I have pressed it and hung it in my studio closet.

100 blocks slowly being sewn together.


There is no plan for this quilt yet but it feels really good to have it done. Perhaps I will attend the Airdrie and District quilt guild meeting tonight.

Connie :)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Keeping my head down and concentrating on one project works! Having an audiobook that keeps me listening really helped me to achieve the goal.

I listened to The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin. It is a novel based on the life of Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

"Vivid and mesmerizing, The Aviator's Wife takes us behind the scenes and into the heart of the woman who loved and married Charles Lindbergh. That was her destiny—a life that took her soaring into the skies and then plunged her to earth, a story of both triumph and pain that will take your breath away."
   —Kate Alcott, Author of The Dressmaker

When I started listening to the book, I was thinking very early that I might abandon it. The book was read by Lorna Raver, a 74-year-old American actress. She did a great job; however, somehow the age of the voice didn't match the words of the book. Giving it a second try, it was no longer an issue and I was hooked. It is an incredible story and certainly Anne Morrow Lindbergh was a pioneer in aviation right alongside Charles Lindbergh.

The book kept me well entertained as I kept my head down powering through the second Cherry Lane sock designed by Felicia Lo. Of course, and as usual, there were a couple of hiccups where a few rows had to be pulled out to correct errors. I started having a more careful look more often after the second time I skipped a portion of the pattern.

They are very pretty and the colour is a great red.

They are a gift, but also fit me

Connie :)