Friday, 15 November 2019

Kimberley weekend

We spent the Armistice Day weekend in Kimberley. Roads were clear and dry on the way down.

Brad and Logan were working on the garage and, since the ground was frozen, I was working on tasks other than the garden.

I cleaned out my Kimberley clothing drawer to exclude anything that needs to see an iron.

I found the art work that was un-framed during our big basement flood to assess which ones needed to be re-framed.

I found excellent recipes to cook over the weekend. The one Brad is still talking about is the cheese bacon jalapeño cornbread that I made to have with classic chili. Four on-the-edge apples also came with us and they became an apple torte.

There was also a bit of knitting, some cleaning, and a bit of shopping. I was even invited to a neighbour's 'girls only' happy hour.

It was a nice weekend with everything on the list checked off as accomplished.

Saturday was a perfect crisp autumn day which was welcome as I walked downtown to the makers market and twice to the grocery store.


Sunday started out sunny and bright and gradually became darker bringing some snow.

As usual, the time flies by and all too soon, we were heading back to Alberta.

Connie :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Painting with the kiddos

The preschoolers learned about Helen Frankenthaler this past month and then tried their hand at 'painting like Helen'.

Sort of.

We dripped food colour onto cotton fabric and ended up with these watercolour-esque banners.

They are pretty and were definitely process oriented!

Connie :)

Monday, 11 November 2019

Friday, 8 November 2019

43 Blocks

The 52 blocks in 52 weeks project is on week 43, only nine more to go. This is a project being hosted by The Canadian Quilters Association and it has participants from all over the world.

As usual, I am a bit behind, only catching up in spurts.

Having caught up a month ago, I resolved to do the current block in a timely manner.

Then, once again, I was four behind. So much for resolve.

Having the studio more or less back under control, I cut out the most recent blocks and got them put together over a couple of days.

Less than 10 blocks left. I love that radish fabric.

Connie :)

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Art and wine

Friday mid afternoon I headed into the city with Jacelyn. We had a few tasks on our list. Our first stop was the Children's Reading Place for books to replenish our little free libraries. Marilyn told us to 'take lots'. So we went through bins of books and took 159 home.

After loading books, we headed to Festival Hall in Inglewood where we attended the New Craft Coalition sale. I completed my quest for a convocation gift fairly quickly and then we were off to Sublime True Craft which was being held at Memorial Park Library. This first time show and sale was being presented in part by WordFest. We enjoyed a glass of wine as we wandered through the show taking in the beautiful work.

Back to Airdrie for a quick supper and we were soon on our way to a convocation celebration. We can pack much into a day.

Memorial Park Library

Connie :)

Monday, 4 November 2019

Project bags

The fabric was from Christine's basement. Most fabric went directly to donation but there was something about this little stack of coordinating fabrics that caught my eye.

The cotton test was performed and the fabric is not 100% cotton so it would not be used in quilts.

It would work just fine in project bags and aprons.

A couple of aprons were made from the mushroom fabric and then I started making project bags. My first two were taken out to Black Diamond to use in trade for some tea and a tea towel from Tender Living Farm.

From the remained fabric, I was able to get one large and three smaller zippered bags and one large and one small drawstring bag.

Each of the zippered bags has a pocket inside. But what to do with all these bags?

My current plan is a little pre-Christmas pop-up sale to try to downsize some of my made items.

One of the challenges of being a maker...what to do with all the made items!?

I really like the orange draw string bag!

Connie :)

Friday, 1 November 2019

Tender Living Farm Tea

It is definitely hot tea kind of weather. Actually, for me, it is tea weather all year long, but it is particularly lovely on a chilly kind of day.

One of my favourite teas is made by Isis of Tender Living Farm. I pick up her teas when I am in Black Diamond. Isis is one of the proprietors of Bertie's, a must visit shop when visiting Black Diamond.

Sheep River Tea is my personal favourite, although to be honest, I haven't tried all of the available blends.

Sheep River Tea tastes great and is just so darned pretty. It is a blend of nettle, mint, spruce tips, and rose.

Here I am raiding Logan's tea selection while in Kimberley.

Connie :)